Welcome to Balade Farms
Welcome to Balade farms; the home to family heritages and long traditions of hand crafted homemade Labneh and dairy cheese. We have been carrying these traditions over generations and evolving them over time.

Our pride lies in our traditional methods of preparation. The very essence and meaning of Balade is rooted in the traditional farm and village style produce in our country of Lebanon. We consider ourselves a home where fresh dairy and cheese products are made with the great love and care.

We pride ourselves on preserving the highest standards of quality and authenticity in our Labneh and cheese delivering them fresh to your neighborhood delis, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools Which is why, Balade products are sent from one home to another. From ours, to yours.
You can taste our products in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. And from our homes, we bring out “authentic taste for every occasion” – whether it is for the important meal of the day, breakfast; or to indulge in a delicious and healthy lunch or to simply enjoy a bit of sweet delight for any occasion.

We, at Balade Farms, are a family business based on family traditions. We are inspired by Authentic Lebanese Dairy produce and we continue to uphold its values. Most importantly, we provide the finest and freshest produce. From us, to your home.