Who We Are

Welcome to Balade farms; the home to family heritages and long traditions of handcrafted homemade Labneh and dairy cheese. We have been carrying these traditions over generations and evolving them over time.

Our pride lies in our traditional methods of preparation.

The very essence and meaning of Balade is rooted in the traditional farm and village-style produce in our country of Lebanon. We consider ourselves a home where fresh dairy and cheese products are made with great love and care.

We pride ourselves on preserving the highest standards of quality and authenticity in our Labneh and cheese delivering them fresh to your neighborhood delis, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. Which is why Balade products are sent from one home to another

We, at Balade Farms, are a family business based on family traditions. We are inspired by Authentic Lebanese Dairy produce and we continue to uphold its values. Most importantly, we provide the finest and freshest produce. From us to your home.

Balade Farms Recognised at Guilde Internationale des Fromagers of France in February 2017

Every day, Balade Farms delivers fresh and authentic Lebanese dairy food to your neighborhood supermarkets, Hypermarkets, deli stores, restaurants, schools and hospitals. Our four main lines of dairy ensure that we cater to all your dairy needs and for every occasion
The authentic Lebanese Labneh as it has been made in Lebanon over the last century. Our diverse range of Labneh delicacies are the best addition to your daily breakfast, snacks, mezzeh or savory dishes. As our Labneh is made using traditional methods, you will indulge in freshness and flavor like none other.
Our range of premium quality cheese offer you the most natural and authentic taste of Lebanese, Middle Easter and Meditteranean blends. This means that you can use them over a wide variety of dishes during breakfast, lunch, dinner or just snacks.
Traditional yogurt taste and homemade freshness are the key ingredients! And with these key ingredients infused with probiotic cultures that boost your body’s health, you will be guaranteed the healthiest and most natural tasting yogurt produced in our market.
Yogurt Drinks
Our yogurt drinks (Balade Ayran) are the healthiest cold beverages to beat the heat of summer times, or to replenish your body’s minerals. Simply grab one in your locale and enjoy the refreshing taste it gives you!
As a family business, we believe in creating high quality dairy food that is healthy, traditional and authentic. Our values act as guiding principles, which govern our operations and ensure that we successfully achieve our levels of quality every day.
Quality is always our priority, and it forms the basis of everything we produce and every decision we make.
We value the trust our customers place in us, and we work hard to strengthen that trust by never compromising our integrity.
We are passionate about our family-started business, and we remain committed to fulfilling and delivering on our fathers primary mission.
We are proud of our heritage, and we know that without it we could not offer you the authentic taste of fresh dairy, just as you would taste it in the mountains and valleys of Lebanon.
We care about our families, and we take great care in every step of our dairy-making process. We insist on using Grade A raw material with the least carbon footprint, and we are entirely committed to producing safe and healthy food.
Our products have the same excellent flavours and standards as homemade ones, and are perfected all the way down to the smallest details.
  • We support our local farms by sourcing their fresh produce wherever we operate.
  • We produce locally and delivery daily, We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients.
  • We never compromise the authentic taste in our homemade and traditional dairy making process.
  • Dairy is rich in nutritional content that is vital to a balanced daily diet. This is why we offer you dairy food made from rich raw materials that is made in the most traditional and natural method to retain its nutritional and health benefits.
Balade Farms consists of a family of passionate people who painstakingly ensure that every produce; every packed finished product meets the highest standards of excellence. Not only does cleanliness and hygiene reign within the Balade Farms premises, but care is taken to package the product in a manner that retains its freshness and taste. Why do we pay such attention to our products? Because we envision ourselves as the consumer and ask ourselves – what would we want if we were purchasing our products? Balade Farms promises to deliver only the freshest Arabic dairy foods and cheese daily to your neighborhood supermarket, store, deli, hotels, restaurants, schools & hospitals. From our ingredients to our packaging, every step is given proper care and attention. Because we are a family. And you are part of it.